I am a composer and producer making music that sometimes combines live instrumental performance with technology, location recordings and found sounds. I'm fascinated by the communicative power of timbre, psychoacoustic phenomena, memory and pattern recognition, and the magical inexpressible ways in which music connects to life.

I'm a technology geek and ardent music enthusiast and I enjoy being creative in different contexts. Sometimes I release recordings of my music with London-based label Bigo & Twigetti. I also enjoy listening to, thinking and writing about music - pop music analysis and sonic musicology, digital creativities, analogue recording techniques, how to process the results of practice research, that sort of thing. Critical and musicological study of the music of David Bowie is an area of special interest.

I was born and educated in Australia, my first instrument being the pianoforte, studying under Bevan Crabtree and Dorothy McCormack. I moved away from piano studies in favour of composition and worked with Dr. Philip Bracanin at the University of Queensland to get my BMus degree. As a student there I won the Gold Coast Composition Competition two years in a row, and in 1998 was accepted on the Young Composers Program (in association with the ABC), working with QSO resident composer Nigel Sabin. Through this I had the opportunity to have my works performed by members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and broadcast on national radio. Since 2004 I have been living in the UK, where I have set up a project studio in which I produce my own recordings as well as commissioned works for media and film. In 2011, I collaborated with video artist Matt Greasley on a series of audio-visual performances to promote the release of my album "Feather Hammer", culminating in a full-length showing/performance of the work in London's National Portrait Gallery. In 2013 my work for string orchestra 'Kick", commissioned by Ruthless Jabiru, was performed at Australia House in London.

In 2014 I achieved my PhD in Music Composition, with the help of Dr. Robert Davidson at the University of Queensland. My research looks at the unique creative opportunities available to composers working with music technology tools (anyone who's interested can read my PhD thesis here)

These days I split my time between performing, commercial projects, education and research. I am currently employed by Kingston University London as senior lecturer in music and course leader for BA Hons in Music Technology, and am the acting director and Project Leader of the Visconti Studio.