Attack of the Herbals OST

Check it out, I updated the music page with some new soundcloud sets of my recent work. Including this set of tracks from my soundtrack to Attack Of The Herbals.

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'My Brother's Keeper' theme cues

Over the easter break I've been working on some theme ideas for the soundtrack to Lee Hutcheon's new fllm 'My Brother's Keeper'. Suffice to say, this John character is a bit of a messed up dude.

"My Brother's Keeper" - Home theme 1 by leahkardos

'My Brother's Keeper' - John Action cue by leahkardos

'My Brother's Keeper' - John's Theme cue 2 by leahkardos

"My Brother's Keeper" - short orchestra cue by leahkardos

"My Brother's Keeper" - Home [piano version] by leahkardos

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David Keith's "Dead Funny" short wins loads of awards

David Keith's latest horror short just swept the awards at the '2 Days Later' short film festival in Kent! (
Best Film, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Cinematography, Best Sound). He also tells me that one of the judges favourably mentioned my music... which warms my heart indeed. [a word of warning, the film is a bit gory in places and I wouldn't advise watching it if you have an unreasonable fear of clowns]

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Trailer for Psychosomatic'

Some of my music that was used in a scene has also been used for the trailer (embedded below). This film is now out available to purchase from and in addition to doing well on the festival circuit, is getting some positive reviews. Well done, Andrew!

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Trailer for "The Wrong Choice"

This is a trailer for the documentary “The Wrong Choice”, which I ended up writing a fair bit of music for (including this bit that plays over the footage below). The documentary is about how the Aberdeen City Council cut funding for services in the city, including a centre for disabled people, and explores the repercussions of these decisions on the lives of vulnerable people.

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Ariella Strings Session

We made some lovely recordings on Wednesday evening — click the ‘read more’ link to see some photos of the quartet in action. As for the recordings, I will post the results as soon as they are ready.

In other news, Matt has managed to give himself Pharyngitis and I feel the same thing creeping up on me slowly. Just in time for Easter holidays, which is rather crappy indeed!

I’ve decided to spend these next two weeks coughing and moaning about my sore throat, sitting on the couch drinking tea watching my boyfriend finish playing Saints Row II. In the down time maybe I’ll work on a new game-soundtrack-oriented-demo reel. I just joined this wonderful online community called G.A.N.G (game audio network guild) in an effort to learn more about the medium and have found myself very inspired and surprised at the openness, friendliness and supportive nature of the group. I’m used to composers being bitchy, petty, jealous and snippy at each other. Seems these game audio people are just in it for the love. A nice change!

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The posters for Demonic (updated)

And Dave just sent me the DVD cover art. Nice. I sure hope it wins in a few festivals - I think it deserves to. Seeing my name credited on DVD covers always makes me feel like Steve Martin’s character “the Jerk” when he sees his name printed in the phone book. .. “This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people! I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now!” heh. Yeah I WISH... anyways, I find myself wishing he went for this design...

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DEMONIC by David Keith

I did this score over three nights during a work week ... and I think it turned out alright considering that David saw fit to use the first draft I sent him of the score. I get a bit of a kick out of working quickly like this, efficiency is an underrated virtue these days - especially in music - so often having too many ingredients spoils the dish. I limited myself to 1 melodic motif and a sound palette of piano, celeste, strings and backwards reverbs. I created the creepy animal-like sounds by putting piano reverbs through Logic’s vocal transformer and messing with the formants. Fun!

You can check out some more of David’s short film work

In other news, I got my Michael Jackson tickets! 30th of July, me and Liz will be there ready to either be blown away by the best and biggest pop comeback of all time, or slightly disappointed but yet fascinated by a train-wreck of gigantic proportions. It’ll be music history either way. And I’ll be there! Whoop!

Eyelashes of Gina swept into my little studio for three days last weekend and left behind two shiny new song nuggets. We uploaded them to the band’s website (which is linked just to the right of this blog). If you actually go and listen to the music I want you to keep two things in mind: 1, remember that it’s only supposed to be a laff.... and 2, that all tracks were conceived, brainstormed, performed and recorded in a few hours. Keeping in mind those two points, I think things turned out ok!

I thank the gods for creating Melodyne! Man I love technology...


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