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Women in (New) Music: 50+ Pieces of Advice from Women Composers - Second Inversion (08/03/2017)

The ShortListen: Leah Kardos (no. 360) - ShortList (03/08/2016)

Showy Bowie - Bianca Zander / New Zealand Listener (01/08/2015)

David Bowie Is with Leah Kardos - with Sonja Hammer, Joy 94.9FM Melbourne (28/07/2015) (listen again/podcast)

Pianist Lee brings clarity, order and hope to Spectrum program - George Grella / New York Classical Review (19/06/2015)
A review of a concert that included the Northern American premiere performance of my Three Preludes

The Sonic Vernacular: Considering Communicative Timbral Gestures in Modern Music Production, Leah Kardos (Kingston University, UK) - Audio Engineering Society Convention 138. Audio Engineering Society, (06/05/2015)

Activating Digital Creativities in Higher Music Education, Leah Kardos (Kingston University, UK) - Activating Diverse Musical Creativities, Teaching and Learning in Higher music Education Burnard, P. and E. Haddon (eds) (Bloomsbury, Jan 2015)

(Interview) Leah Kardos Speaks to James Black at St Pancras Old Church - Chaos Theory (09/06/2014)

Leah Kardos: Three Preludes on Bigo & Twigetti - R. Andrew Lee / I Care If You Listen (04/02/2014) (review)

Leah Kardos - Three Preludes EP - SpacesFM (15/11/13) (review)

Leah Kardos - Machines - Echoes & Dust (05/2013) (review)

Ruthless Jabiru: A Stimulating Programme by London's Australian Orchestra - Gavin Dixon/ Seen and Heard International (10/05/13), previously published at Orpheus Complex (09/05/13)
A review of the concert that included the world premiere of "Kick".

A Ruthless Performance from London's All Australian Orchestra - Australian Times (10/05/13)
A review of the concert that included the world premiere of "Kick".

Ruthless Jabiru in Concert - Government of Western Australia European Office/ (10/05/13)
A write up on the concert that included the world premiere of "Kick".

Leah Kardos' Machines on Bigo & Twigetti - David D McIntyre/ I Care If You Listen (review 01/03/13)

[79%] Leah Kardos - Machines - Barcode (review) (Feb 2013)

The Melody of Memory -
Muso Magazine feature (August/September 2012)

How Music Technology Can Make Sound and Music Worlds Accessible To Student Composers, by Leah Kardos (Bedford College, UK) - British Journal of Music Education (June, 2012)

Interview with Leah Kardos - Headphone Commute (24/02/2012)

Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer (Bigo & Twigetti) - Headphone Commute (24/02/02012) (review)

Hanging Out With Leah Kardos at the Steinway Hall | Hang #2 - I Care If You Listen (interview 15/02/2012)

Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer - Echoes & Dust (12/01/2012) (review)

HurdAudio Rotation: Pianos, Theatrics and Two-by-fours - Devin Hurd/ HurdAudio (22/12/2011)

'DFACE' by Leah Kardos -
Beautiful Song Of The Week (19/12/2011)

Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer - Peter van Cooten / (reviewed 7/12/2011)

[81%] Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer - Barcode (review)

'Composers: Leah Kardos' - Chris McGovern / The Glass (01/10/2011)

'Feather Hammer: a progressive collection of short pieces threaded together as a tone poem on the composer's relationship with the piano as her first instrument' - Chris McGovern / Chamber Music Today (01/10/2011)

'New Music: Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer' - Acid Ted

'Leah Kardos: Feather Hammer - a journey into new worlds of what music can be' - Chip Michael / Interchanging Idioms (17/09/2011)

'Introducing Leah Kardos' - Fictionfish (17/09/2011)

Resonance 104.4FM The Clear Spot -
Leah Kardos presents "Feather Hammer" (Sept 2011)

'Leah Kardos - Feather Hammer' - Telephant (16/09/2011)

'5 Questions to Leah Kardos (Composer)' - I Care If You Listen (25/02/2011)