Interview: Leah Kardos speaks to James Black at St Pancras Old Church

photo by Naresh Kaushal

Click the photo above (or the link below) to read a conversation I had with James Black about music and sound and what it might all mean...

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Muso Magazine Feature

Feeling rather privileged to have been featured in what turns out to be the very last ever Muso Magazine (August/September 2012 issue).

In the piece, Matt Evans fashions my blathering into what turns out to be coherent and interesting article, in which I appear to know what I'm talking about! Kudos to him! I talk in depth about Feather Hammer, my background and reveal some details about my next piano-centric release, the 'Three Preludes' EP.

If you can't find a printed copy, it's free to read online (I think you just have to register), or available to purchase via iTunes and the newsstand app.

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