Ears Have Ears - Exclusive mix

Here's a special mix that I put together for Ears Have Ears: Unexplored Territories in Sound, a weekly experimental music show on FBi Radio Sydney. This mix features stems and reconfigured elements from some of my pieces from the past.

Check it out, if you wanna.

Listen to the radio program in full here: http://fbiradio.com/945fm/programs/ears-have-ears/2017-05-18/

Seeing my name appear on a list along side this guy… *squee*
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I Care If You Listen - Spring 2013 Mixtape

Click on the cover image to check out the Spring 2013 mixtape, a free download compilation put together by the guys at I Care If You Listen, which I'm very chuffed to have been included on.

Lots of fabulous music that you can download and enjoy guilt free. :)



CUBO on Deep Bleep

Check out this mix by Brazilian producer CUBO for Deepbleep.com - the last track (at 32.11) is a collaboration with Cubo and Ana Eliza Colomar that uses some takes from Feather Hammer's 'The Waiting'. I think it's just lovely.

If you can understand Portugese, check out a short interview from the man himself over on

00:00 | DIGIGARDEN (with Panais Bouki) – Chronos 01 | 2008
03:12 | PABX (with Estevan Sinkovitz) – Chuva [remix] | 2009
06:25 | CUBO – K7 Demagnetizer: It’s A Fine Day In The Hidden Place [mashup] | 2011
09:30 | NEUTRA (with Fernando de França) – Under Empty Places | 1998
13:15 | THE LAPTOP BOYS (with Panais Bouki) – “Wonder”, to Claudia Wonder [demo] | 2006
14:18 | CUBO – Cry feat. Dot Allison [remix] | 2008
17:40 | CUBO – Copal: Sétimo Sonho (with Astrid Hage and Gabriel Levy) [demo] | 2009
19:35 | CUBO – K7 Demagnetizer: Intro + Rolling In The Time [mashup] | 2011
23:06 | VISAVIS (with Panais Bouki) – Despedida | 2004
25:37 | PABX (with Estevan Sinkovitz) – Rádio [remix] | 2010
29:05 | VISAVIS (with Panais Bouki) – Degradê | 2005
32:11 | CUBO – Copal: Dia (with Leah Kardos and Ana Eliza Colomar) [demo] | 2009

And while you're listening to the mix, you really should feast your eyes on this wonderful art book that accompanies the project:


Sonic Fascination

A while back I was honoured to be asked by my record label (Bigo & Twigetti) to come up with a playlist for February. It features a selection of pop, experimental and classical composers stepping over genre boundaries and borrowing from each other. It's also a celebration of studio composition; where the sonic elements, like timbre, texture and ambience, communicate ideas just as effectively as words, notes, harmonies and rhythms do. Have a close listen, be fascinated and enjoy.

Click here to listen to it via 8 tracks