We have hogs in the night

Yes - another boring garden blog, which is really just pics of my early June garden, the strange local cat that has moved in with us and a family of hedgehogs that have built a home under the forsythia.

Fat bums hanging out of feeding bowls.

They all look the same, but there’s definitely at least 2 of them. We call them all “Bunk”.

This is the back door to Bunk’s house. You can kinda see them sleeping inside (well I could at the time, didn’t come out too good in the photo)

First strawbs

Marigolds are out :)

This is our part-time cat, we call him/her “McNulty”

Pansy-town is looking better populated these days.

Pumpkin update: I now realise that I totally planted these guys too close to each-other. oops.

Front door to Bunk’s house. He’s the one who messes up my mulch every night, as you can see here...

Pansy-town and pumpkin village.

View from the house.

This is the wicked BBQ Matt got for free from Gumtree. FREE!! :-o Apparently someone didn’t want to bother restoring it. It’s HUGE! 4 gas burners. Took us one day to sort it out - some people are too damn lazy.