The Sampler Mixtape #52

Check out my playlist for Sound and Music's The Sampler Mixtape #53, as heard on Resonance FM on Friday 9 June 2023 at noon (it will be repeated on Monday 12 June 2023 at 9am).

Featuring tracks by Andrew Poppy, Mica Levi, Kai Whiston, Fire-Toolz, Zubin Kanga, Fragile Self, Mira Calix, Ben Carey, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Neil Gaiman + FourPlay and more.

Radio show: David Bowie's Sonic Sorcery


This was fun, I was invited by my lovely friend Leon Clowes to join him on his radio show to play Bowie-related music and chat about my favourite artist. How could I resist? You can listen again to the program below.


Ears Have Ears - Exclusive mix

Here's a special mix that I put together for Ears Have Ears: Unexplored Territories in Sound, a weekly experimental music show on FBi Radio Sydney. This mix features stems and reconfigured elements from some of my pieces from the past.

Check it out, if you wanna.

Listen to the radio program in full here: http://fbiradio.com/945fm/programs/ears-have-ears/2017-05-18/

Seeing my name appear on a list along side this guy… *squee*
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Playlisted - WNYC New Sounds

Feeling honoured to have my music featured recently on WNYC's fantastic New Sounds show. Click HERE to check out the podcast and listen to music from my Machines project (featuring vocalist Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz), along with beautiful music by Julianna Barwick, Beverley Johnston and Elizabeth Brown.

Quite recently a friend asked me to create a playlist of my own music - something I've never done before! I chose this selection, what I consider to be my more gentle pieces. If you play it in the hopes of trying to get to sleep I promise you there aren't many sudden loud bits.


Stream/Download from WNYC New Sounds

From WNYC.org:

link launch
Hear music by Australian-born, London-based electroacoustic musician & sound artist Leah Kardos along with music by Irish woodwind player and composer Seán Mac Erlaine, as well as other electroacoustic music on this New Sounds. Listen to several works by Kardos from a sampler released in 2014, including her work, “Butterfly Kite,”written for easy piano + delay/verb effects. Then hear improvised woodwind and electronic sounds from a series of live recordings by the Dublin musician, Seán Mac Erlaine. From his, “A Slender Song,” hear music for clarinets of all sorts and sizes, manipulated by electronics.

Then, hear music from a dance score by London-based composer Jon Opstad, who also did the music for the provocative British episodic series, “Black Mirror.” Listen to music from cellist Julia Kent with loops and delays from the recent record, “Character.”  German theremin player Carolina Eyck improvises on the low end together with pianist Christopher Tarnow. Then,hear music from NY-based singer GABI, who layers and processes her voice a la Juliana Barwick. (Caution: her work, "Where," might remind you of “The Rains of Castamere.”)

PROGRAM #3706–Various Forms of Electro-acoustic Music (First aired on 03/24/2015)        
About New Sounds Podcasts
The most cutting-edge, worldly-wise music show on the airwaves returns with nearly bi-weekly installments available for download.  For more than three decades, host John Schaefer has been exploring more genres of music than you knew existed.  A truly compelling hour of radio, and now you can tune in wherever you are, whenever you want. As if you weren’t dependent enough on your MP3 player…

Radio Play, Interviews and Reviews

As the premiere performance draws closer I'm getting more and more excited. It's been so long since I've performed as a 'pianist'. Anxiety! I may need to order a crate of Rescue Remedy for myself. Tickets are starting to sell - are you coming? Have you got yours yet? You can buy them here for £5, otherwise it will be £8 on the door.

Earlier today I was delighted to learn, via the magic that is twitter, that my music has been played on
Fbi 94.5FM (Sydney, Australia) over the weekend. Chuffed! Firstly, on the New Weird Australia show on 13/10/2011, and then another 3 tracks on the Utility Fog show presented by Peter Hollo on 16/10/2011. Made my day to learn I was given airtime in a playlist sandwiched between Hauschka and Bjork (.... *sigh*).

A couple of weeks ago I had the honour of being interviewed by Chris McGovern for The Glass blog, and was asked some interesting and probing questions about my creative practice, how I approached certain specific pieces in the Feather Hammer project. If you're interested in that sort of thing,
check it out here. On the same day this interview came out, I was also (bizarrely) featured alongside my best friend Liz in an Observer piece about Morrissey/Smiths fans, an article which has nothing to do with my music but features an embarrassing photo of myself kissing my Smiths lyric tattoo, which is under my arm. So yes, virtually kissing my own armpit. Classy girl.

A few more reviews & mentions have come out in the past few weeks, all of which have been lovely. Here's some of my favourite quotes, with links to the original articles/postings:

"The album is very much like a classical suite (sometimes sounding as if it could have been collaboratively recorded by Massive Attack and Arvo Part) on her first love, the piano, and its mini-movements read like pages of a diary that go from a good day filled with visions of hope to days less inspired and more stressful as a student" ... "the varied sounds of the piano (straight piano vs. the flatter prepared-piano) give sort of an artistic timeline between a classical and an experimental sensibility, as if to say that the constructed has now been deconstructed."

- Chris McGovern / Chamber Musician Today

"Feather Hammer is a quality release by Kardos, exploring a wide range of emotions through her instrument of choice, and complementing it very well with the addition of acoustics, percussion and sampling. But most of all, Kardos makes a wonderful job of bringing displaced thoughts back to life through her music - whether delicate or challenging, she does not shy away, but confronts, thus ensuring her music communicates with the listener on an emotive level. 81%"

- Barcode

"A new album of gorgeous manipulated piano tracks – by turns minimalist, ambient and crunchy"

- Kat Arney / You Do Too Much (blog)

Resonance104.4fm Clearspot 16/09

If you're interested and you missed it, here's the Clearspot radio show from last night.

Resonance 104.4fm Clearspot 16/09/2011 - Leah Kardos presents Feather Hammer


Feather Hammer on the Clear Spot, 8- 9 pm 16/09 on Resonance104.4fm

When: Fri 16th Sept, 8-9pm GMT

Where: in London tune in to 104.4fm, or online via iTunes radio or one of the links on this page:

In this radio show I will be previewing tracks from my new album "Feather Hammer" which will be available to buy from the 19th of September.

I will be talking about what inspires me, my creative processes and sharing the stories behind the pieces. I will be on my own, live on air for an HOUR. Please tune in and make all the stress and anguish I'm going through be worth my while!

Netaudio London 2011: The Picnoleptic Muse

I feel very honoured to have my music included in this weird and wonderful lineup! If you fancy going on a bit of an aural adventure, the entire programme is below - my music comes in at around 52'. Chuffed! And the bonus part is Netaudio are paying £50 fee for being included, which I will no doubt spend in a flash on whatever next sampled thingy Tonehammer bring out. Just got their washing machine instrument this morning, which is made of complete and utter genius.

I might be doing some gigs later on this year* to promote the Feather Hammer album, which is where this track comes from (or will come from, once the album is completed). I'm very excited about it all, and will definitely post news about it on this site as soon as I can. For now I just have to concentrate on finishing off the production, and adapting everything for live using Albleton and my lovely new APC40.

*this projection could get blown out by a few months, since film soundtrack work takes priority (i.e., we need to pay our bills, right?) and I just got news of some urgent film work that needs doing in July. Time will tell if I manage to get everything done. Now that I think about it, it's actually a good idea to take every projected date I publicise and add 2 months - I seem to have no concept of the limitations of time, space, distance and real life.

The Picnoleptic Muse by Ed Baxter by NetaudioLondon

Netaudio London 2011 festival broadcast, 15 May 2011
produced and presented by Ed Baxter ( 120’ )

Max Neuhaus - Public Supply
Christoph McGown - Grid Public Lock
Lance Dann - The Flickerman
Daniela de Paulis/CAMRAS - OPTICKS
mEtamina Free Net Radio - Don’t die wandering, the sound of impatient wandering
Monty Adkins - Remnant / Suspended Edges
Sol Rezza - Verdades Minúsculas (Tiny Truths)
Spider & I - Feather Hammer - The Waiting
Theme for capcicans - Bite the capcicans
Andrew Jacques - Fedbakontin
Ed Osborn - Stone North
Preslav Literary School - This Good Lesson Keep
Cheapmachines - Ellipse
Filipe Cruz - New Impulses to Old Elements
StSanders - Metallica Shred
Yan Tan Tethera - Full of Noises
RAF - Cage
Piet Stoaling - Pudding