AlbumToAlbum podcast: The Next Day parts 3 & 4

Finally! The last two instalments covering David Bowie'sThe Next Day & The Next Day Extra, from a series of fun conversations I had with Arsalan Mohammad for the very excellent AlbumToAlbum podcast. What a journey, eh! He also asked me to whip up some opening and closing music for the pod, and I was very glad to oblige. Anyone who has now listened to all four of these certainly deserves a gold star.


AlbumToAlbum podcast: The Next Day part 2

It’s here - part 2 of the rambling AlbumToAlbum pod chat about David Bowie's dense 2013 opus The Next Day!
Making this was such a laugh - many thanks to Arsalan for asking me to do it! (Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and the other usual places)


Donny McCaslin & Leah Kardos on ★ [part 3/3]


Tape is a Beast

It was a real thrill to help put this amazing roundtable together - talking about analogue studios, sounds, and heritage with producers Tony Visconti and Chris Kimsey, recording engineer Andy Cook (British Grove Studios), producer Martin Terefe (Eastcote and Kensaltown Studios) and engineer George Murphy (Eastcote Studios).

We discuss the recording and production practices that shaped the iconic records of the past, from the abuse of tape to the slow process of recording and editing analogue media.

Talking us through some of their experiences in the studio with David Bowie and The Rolling Stones, Tony and Chris reveal some of their own creative approaches - the mammoth task of editing together the Stones' single 'Some Girls', to making David Bowie perform against varispeed tape to achieve wild pitch fluctuations. We also talk about the future of large format studios in London, and how this unique culture can be preserved.

If you're interested you can check out the full conversation above. For the full story, you can read more here:

Donny McCaslin & Leah Kardos on ★ [part 2/3]


Donny McCaslin & Leah Kardos on ★ [part 1/3]

So this was a great conversation to be part of!
It's going to be in three instalments because we really went in. Part 1 below:

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