Feather Hammer sessions

Spent the morning at The Hat Factory music studio in Luton to get some more sounds for the Feather Hammer project. It's a really nice studio they've got there - huge thanks to Paul Jolly for letting me in to use (abuse) their piano. This record is burning a hole in my brain at the moment; as soon as summer holidays hit I can't wait to lock myself away and finish it off!

We mic'd up the strings and the pedal mechanics (underneath, though you can't see that)... we also set up a mic on the keyboard itself to capture the clacking of my currently unkempt fingernails. Matt was very helpful today, not only in being a roadie but also in holding down strange chord shapes for me while I prepared the strings. We had a little jam session on the lowest E string featuring me playing the 2pence coin and Matt's slap bass action-thumb. Nice!

IMG_1280 IMG_1282 IMG_1275 IMG_1278