Piano day 2017 - Kindred Spirits Vol. 1

Was feeling very chuffed to be invited by Tim Shiel to take part in this project for Piano Day 2017. It features contributions from some excellent Australian musicians, including Braille Face, Re/search/er, Luke Howard and Sophie Hutchings.

My piece was created in an evening especially for this compilation. Earlier that day I had been listening to my “Ultimate Shuffle” playlist of Spotify, which threw up Michael Jackson’s ‘Stranger in Moscow’ (great track) and I was struck by the super quiet piano solo and how cool the chord progression is in the verses. I ended up ripping both those details off for my piece ‘Novice’. I called it that because it sounded so tentative to me at the time, like a piano solo that was afraid to speak up. But then when you layer enough of those soft voices you can get a sense of confidence, depth and detail. I guess that was the feeling I was reaching for.